I have a question about the use of the domain cloudflare.com in my open-source project

Hello Cloudflare community!

I am working on an open-source project (github.com/mportizlunyov/update_full-unix). One of the things that the program does by default is doing a ping test to verify connection with the internet.

I chose the default domain to be cloudflare.com, since I know that Cloudflare has a reliable, world-wide network that might be less likely to be blocked, either by corporate or national filters.

However, I am not sure about the potential if I am able to use the cloudflare.com domain in a script that does a ping test, especially if it is run as a Cron job. (this feature can be disable or modified for a different domain by the user).

Do I have permission to use the cloudflare.com domain as the default domain for a scripted ping test, or is there an alternative domain that could be better for scripted ping tests?

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