I have a question about cloudflare tunnel accessing the home svn server

I built a svn server at home, the server is accessed through the svn:// protocol, because the home network does not have a public IP address, and I want to access my svn server from the external network, the svn protocol I found on the Internet is It communicates through tcp, so I set up a tcp-based tunnel in the Cloudflare tunnel, but it turns out that I can’t access the content of the svn server at all with the domain name (use svn://svn-tcp.homesvn.com on the svn client Access), the configuration is shown in the figure below, where is the problem?
I tried to add http and https subdomains to access other services, but tcp couldn’t work. In addition, I also tried to use the command line svn list svn://svn-tcp.homesite.com/svn/projects to get The result is as follows:
svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘svn://svn-t
svn: E210002: The network connection closed unexpectedly

Can anybody help me? How can I set up a tcp type of service to access the svn server from the external network?