I have a problem with DNS and I don't understand what to do or someone to help me

Hello! I have had a problem for days with a website that loads slowly in Argentina. In Panama, load ok. I am monitoring with a WPscan and it gives me a Cloudflare DNS error. I don’t understand anything and I need guidance to solve this.

Is it the DNS error or some other HTTP error? :thinking:
If it’s a HTTP error like 5xx or 4xx, could be a good thing since Cloudflare has got WAF rules which block any request coming from WPScan software or tool, meaning anyone who’s trying to probe or find vulerabilities for your Website will not succed in this process :slight_smile:

That doesn’t appear to be a DNS error but rather a vulnerability in the CMS package you are using (WordPress).

Do you think I should change the template?

I don’t see anything in the description which leads me to believe it is template specific, but you’d need to take it up with the makers of the tool or the CMS to be certain.

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