I have a problem with a subdomain

I added a subdomain which is paypal-fee-calculator and it still doesn’t work.

What’s the complete hostname of the subdomain?


I see it’s returning a 404 error. Is that subdomain configured at the host for HTTPS?

Yes, I installed an SSL certificate.

So this is an “A” record to a hosted site? Or is it a CNAME to another host?

I understand better, the primary domain is on the A record, and I put the subdomain on the CNAME record. in your opinion could that be the problem?

CNAMEs can be tricky depending on how the host responds to those requests. I suggest you ask the host of what the CNAME points to for suggestions. You may try setting that subdomain DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only to assist in troubleshooting. The :grey: change can take up to 5 minutes to take effect.

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I’m lost

Click on the DNS entry for paypal-fee-calculator. It will drop down an edit box. Then click on the :orange: to toggle it to :grey:. Then Save and wait five minutes to see if it starts working.

I tried and it didn’t work

That wasn’t even five minutes. You updated paypal-fee-calculator so it’s now :grey: DNS Only?

I have tried and, I have waited before I answer you, I will try again.

That site isn’t configured for HTTPS at your host.

Are you sure about this? You did this at your host?

Yes, I did it yesterday.

It’s not correct. You’ll have to ask HostGator for assistance.

What should I ask them? to fix the SSL certificate?

Keep that hostname set to :grey: so they can see it. Ask them to get that subdomain to work with https.

Now it works but without https

Right, but you want it to work with HTTPS…which it doesn’t.