I have a problem using the .eu.org domain

Not really, most of the time changes to the nameservers are instant. Some registries take more time, but 24 hours is a bit long.

yes, wait :frowning:

Actually, it just changed, but HE’s nameservers do not announce your domain either yet. Are you sure you configured that correctly?

It’s still pointing to Ifastnet

It currently is using HE, but HE does not seem to recognise your domain.

I’d suggest you double check you configured it correctly. You can clarify any questions at forums.he.net.

There is only one way to change the friendly DNS, it is still pointing to Infinityfree

It is not.

nslookup -type=ns phsldev.eu.org ns1.eu.org
Server:  UnKnown

PHSLDEV.EU.ORG  nameserver = NS5.HE.NET
PHSLDEV.EU.ORG  nameserver = NS3.HE.NET
PHSLDEV.EU.ORG  nameserver = NS2.HE.NET
PHSLDEV.EU.ORG  nameserver = NS1.HE.NET
PHSLDEV.EU.ORG  nameserver = NS4.HE.NET


At this point you really best check that HE is properly configured.

It’s giving an error, now I don’t know if it’s the domain or the HE because the domain is right, but the HE error

HE appears to be working fine now. Adding the domain to Cloudflare should work now.


Just double check that your encryption mode on Cloudflare is properly set.

Which way do I put it?

What is it currently set to?


That would be not properly secure then. Switch it to Full Strict.


Then you should be good to go.