I have a problem using the .eu.org domain

I have a different problem than yesterday, now the domain has registered in WHO.IS but it is saying that it is not on the CloudFlare panel, can someone help me? WHO.IS link below:


I see you’re using InfinityFree nameservers. Can you try adding your domain to CloudFlare?

Yes, to host temporarily, it is saying that it is not registered.

Your site is currently not working on HTTPS. You’ll need to fix that first.

ok, 1 second

Now, just wait for InfinityFree to check the CNAME and put the ssl in, and after that ?

One at a time :slight_smile:

First let’s make sure the site is properly configured, then we can continue.

ok :grinning: thanks

Okay, can you test it there please? is giving error in my country

Yeah, the domain now has a proper certificate but there’s an issue with your host’s nameservers.


The nameservers do not return NS records for your domain. You’ll need that before you can add the domain to Cloudflare. Contact your host and clarify that with them.

I don’t understand, what do I need to do?

As I wrote.

They said it’s not them, do you know a dns that I can use?

Well, as evident from the previous link, it is them as their nameservers are not properly configured.

If they are unhelpful, you could also move your domain to dns.he.net. Once that is properly set up you should be able to add it to Cloudflare.

Where can I get the dns? I already registered and I didn’t find it

I found it, now and wait 6 to 24 hours to test

---- Servers and domain names check

Getting IP for NS1.HE.NET:
Getting IP for NS1.HE.NET: 2001:470:100::2
Getting IP for NS2.HE.NET:
Getting IP for NS2.HE.NET: 2001:470:200::2
Getting IP for NS3.HE.NET:
Getting IP for NS3.HE.NET: 2001:470:300::2
Getting IP for NS4.HE.NET:
Getting IP for NS4.HE.NET: 2001:470:400::2
Getting IP for NS5.HE.NET:
Getting IP for NS5.HE.NET: 2001:470:500::2

No error, applying changes…


Your domain is still pointing to the original nameservers.

yes, wait 6 to 24 hours

Your registry takes that long to change nameservers?

Fair enough, then you’ll have to wait that long. Once the nameservers are properly responding you can add it to Cloudflare.

And the default time for all domains, 1 hour to 24 hours