I have a problem dkim record copying from cpanel on gmail side

Normally, there is no problem about dkim record. But I got an email from gmail’s dmarc support last day. In the mail there is <dkim>fail</dkim> line. At the same time, it says “Dkim signature could not be read” as a result of mail-tester. Actually, since this is a cpanel-specific situation, I added the dkim record to Cloudflare as a solution.

dkim record is ok.
when I checked, there is blank. On the Cloudflare DNS table, there are no blanks or quotes. dkim record is in the form of a line.

What should I do to pass the dkim test on the gmail side?

May I ask, did you copy-pasted the “full” or “split” version of it from cPanel to the TXT record in the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain? :thinking:

How about a TXT record with the SPF value?

What’s your DMARC policy, if a DMARC record exists at all?

Could you share your domain name here with us so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide further feedback information?

I pasted full version.

domain name: sosyohendis.com

DKIM looks good to me:


thanks for your for review but dkim is not pass or valid from gmail, mail-tester, mailgenius etc.


After you have added it to DNS tab of CF dashboard, have you navigated back to cPanel home, therefore clicked to the “Email Deliverability”? :thinking:

I remember, cPanel sometimes doesn’t activate DKIM at all and it’s not a :white_check_mark: until it scans and figures it out on the “external DNS provider” (Cloudflare) that it’s existing one, until them it’s :warning: displayed :thinking:

If it’s recognized and correct, you’d get a blue notification at the top right corner of the cPanel saying that DKIM is enabled and active, therefore on the domain list under the “Email Deliverability” you’d have :white_check_mark: near your domain name.

Maybe some time needed to process this, like 1hour or more for other MTA’s like Gmail.

mail-tester is saying that your mail host (promail, apparently) didn’t DKIM-sign the message. Your DNS here is working. You’ll have to take this up with them, and maybe also ask them if the DKIM record you entered here is correct.

yes, I have :white_check_mark: on cPanel Email Delivirability page. Dkim signiture is already active. In this issue there is a blank on globally dkim record. Some systems accept the dkim record, while others do not. Cause of this gmail, mail-tester or mailgenius see no dkim signutare. On the other way isnotspam, dmarcian etc. see the dkim record.

Cloudflare DKIM record >>> ...Z1OfYTdyWulZLZ88bVfd...
Globally DKIM record    >>> ...Z1OfYTdyW ulZLZ88bVfd...

After all, why does Cloudflare propagate the dkim record with a space character, even though the record doesn’t have a space character?

Actually this is a case of cpanel so i have forwarded my domain to Cloudflare. Could it be because cPanel signs it like that?

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