I have a problem after linking the site to Cloudflare

I have a problem after linking the site to Cloudflare, the wp-admin no longer works

But the rest of the site works fine

Is this still causing issues @nsetak? I get teh wp admin login screen. If an issue still, try clearing browser cache, try incognito, or try mobile.

Are you/were you receiving an error message?


Hello @cloonan
The problem went away after I changed the ssl certificate settings

You set them to Full Strict, right?

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Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the server

The problem appears when choosing Flexible

I am afraid Full is a legacy mode and still does not provide secure encryption.

Make sure you select Full Strict.

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I selected Full (strict) now

That’s good, you now have a secure setup.

Unfortunately it seems your server certificate expired yesterday and you need to renew that as well, otherwise the site can’t load securely.


Contact your host to get the certificate renewed.

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I deleted the old certificate and created a new one, is the problem still there?

It’s still using the expired certificate. You may have to restart the server.

You are still on Full Strict, right? If not, the site will always be insecure.

I have restarted the server, can you tell me from which site you can know that the certificate has expired

[backtick example](https://www.sslcerty.com/certificate?h=el7lwa.com)

Yes, you do have a valid certificate now. Just make sure you are on Full Strict (otherwise, you stilll have no proper encryption) and that you renew the certificate when it expires.

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