I have a problem activating Cloudflare dns service

I linked the domain to Cloudflare and now it’s not working Proxied My site is still showing Let’s Encrypt

Hello there,

How long it is? Did you wait for couple of hours till the propagation is complete?

Do you mean to say: earlier you were using the Lets crypt and now you are using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL?

same isue , my web deindex bing webmaster


Would you describe more or if it is specific, you can create another post and find resolutions from members of the community?

I’m working on Cloudflare
Years ago, this problem appeared
Just a week ago, my site was transformed into
Let’s Encrypt
For no reason and there is no problem with my account it is Active

Is your site failing to load or having some other performance problem, or is the change in Certificate Authority your only concern here? If it is the latter, there is no cause for alarm. Let’s Encrypt is one of the Certificate Authorities that Cloudflare uses.

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Yes but it shows the real ip of the site
Like I’ve never used Cloudflare

Can you share your domain so we can share our findings and provide more helpful advice?

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