I have a problem about zaras

My wordpress website uses AMP and Zaras cloudflare plugin.
I received a notification from google webmaster tools that my amp link is invalid.
If you look into it, the error appears that Custom JavaScript is not allowed.
Consider javaScript as derived from Zaras cloudflare.
Should I turn off Zaras or not? Or how do I customize it so I don’t have this problem again.

And one more question: when I read the documentation about Zaras, the code when placed on Zaras will reduce website understanding and increase speed. In fact, after installing Zaras, my website’s speed remained the same with no improvement in pagespeed. How should I make the installation more reasonable?

Although Zaraz’s main advantage is running most of the logic server-side, it does rely on a tiny amount of JS code to be sent to the client.

Could you specify how many tools do you have configured in your Zaraz dashboard?

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