I have a PRO domain, but cf-ray returned to the IP address given to the free domain

When we bought a PRO domain account, cf-ray BUD was happening in Turkey, meaning the IP was changing. However, although my domain corsproxy.pro has PRO, this change became VIE instead of BUD, that is, the server where free domains are used.

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If I understand the root of your question, your concern is about buying a Pro domain to (hopefully) get better routing to a closer datacenter, which you had before. Unfortunately routing is complex and there’s no guarantees for which datacenters will even be available to your plan outside of Enterprise. Cloudflare goes into a bit of detail on how traffic is moved for different plans here: https://blog.cloudflare.com/meet-traffic-manager/

Traffic Manager then identifies how much traffic in each plan we need to move, and moves either a proportion of the plan, or all of the plan through Plurimog/Duomog, until we’ve moved enough traffic. We move Free customers first, and if there are no more Free customers in a data center, we’ll move Pro, and then Business customers if needed.

For capacity concerns, Cloudflare will move each plan to not be routed to a datacenter when needed.

There is no locations just for free, it’s a bit more dynamic then that.

Even outside of that, your ISP and its upstream providers also dictate how traffic will be routed. Cloudflare only has so much control over that.
BUD and VIE are pretty close at least geographically. As long as you’re not getting routed across the world I wouldn’t think it’s an issue.


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