I have a major site issue

I have a serious issue going on with site. It seems my site has been cross scripted. I see ads in my Google Alerts and even organic search results that someone is creating using my sites. I click on the ads and everything looks good. But when I review and inspect the page after clicking the link I see code injected to change my GTAG information, and a js minified file that has an iFrame in it. I also see GoogleAdservices in the script with a file called PAGEAD. No one seems to be able to figure this out. My site is a template site on TicketNetwork server and yes it is shared IP. What can be done to stop this? I have communicated with Ticketnetwork but they tell me i am crazy. Now I have setup another site on a separate server that is coded completely different and I am seeing ads for that one also. Someone has me in a tangled web and I need some real advice on how to escape this. They are killing my brand. I have no login and I do not have a newsletter signup nor do I have a contact us form on either site, yet both are for the most part seeing the same issues.

Would like to confirm that it isn’t your browser - try using a different browser, disabling all extensions, or using a private browser window. If it’s just you having this issue, it might be a virus or adware installed on your local computer injecting a script that directs ad revenue to a malicious actor or something like that.

Definitely not a browser issue I have tried all browsers and all mobile devices. My business is now down 90% since August after consistent growth for 18 years

Domain for starters


On top of that I now have 77000 backlinks of which 70000 have been linked since September. Also my Internal links are incredibly high for certain events. All Backlinks are linking to 6 specific event pages on my site.

Could you elaborate on the issue? I cant find any advertisements on your site in the first place.

It is not advertisements at all. It seems like you are on my site or users are on the site, but they all seem to be on a mobile browser. Then they disappear. You just signed on?

These are the last 2 people ti sign on

\ 16 x11
Madison, Wisconsin, United States, Spectrum

Visit #1

Win10, Chrome 70.0, 1440x900

1 Nov 12:26: 14 https://www.ticketron.us/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiNOPgs6z3gIVCQppCh3pYQFjEAAYASAAEgKpf_D_BwE

It is the organic links that concern me not the paid links. try this search term Ticketron Concerts and click the organic result. First off I am on the east coast and my schema for that term is showing events in San Francisco when it should be showing events in NYC. I can follow every click you make to the checkout. It seems the clickthroughs work but when going to checkout the user appears to be back on homepage.

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