I have a great Problem Please help me

I am using infinityfree for hosting and cloudflare for security and performance,
recently i noted that there was SSL setting (full strict){it requires cloudflare certificate or a trusted CA certificate in I used Lets Encrypt free ssl,I Installed it in my cpanel/vistapanel.
but when I try to access my website it shows lets encrypt certificate and not cloudflare Certificate.

Please help me actually the full strict ssl setting was working perfectly fine for 1 day

That sounds like it’s not going through Cloudflare. What’s the domain?


sorry if it is in wrong category

You’re off to a great start with the Let’s Encrypt certificate!

Now…either your DNS entries for artist1418.cf and www are set to :grey:, or you’ve done the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” feature in the Overview page of the Cloudflare Dashboard (lower right corner).


Ok sir Lemme Check

Bingo on :grey:, click the cloud to turn it :orange:

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I did it and Thank you


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