I have a free, Cloudflare SSL account already

Hi, I have three sites on a free SSL service from Cloudflare. How can I add free CDN service to each site via Cloudflare? I am confused to where to click or what to add.

CDN is already built in. Since Cloudflare proxies all of your traffic, it will cache the static files automatically.

Oh ok, I have WordPress sites. I have them on SSL right now with Cloudflare. I also have a cache plugin installed “Swift Performance” cache plugin. It can connect to Cloudflare to purge cache.

However, I am still getting bad speed rankings on Google Page Speed… hmm I tried everything too. What to do now?

Oh, one more quick question. Swift Performance cache plugin is asking for my Cloudflare host name, where can I find that? Thanks

There’s no hostname for the CDN. Leave that blank.

You do have SSL on your server too, right?

Yes sandro. I have the free SSL Cloudflare SSL. I just switched back over to WP Rocket caching plugin. I set it up to connect to my Cloudflare account. I hope at least I can get better speed on Google Page Speed. Google Page Speed seems kinda touchy. Dunno…

I meant on your server. Does your site load on HTTPS without Cloudflare?

Oh, I have to pay for SSL through my host. So Nn, only if i paid for SSL via my host. I have not though…

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