I have a error page popping up; Error 1016 - Origin DNS error

The title just describes it, heres a screenshot though. Please help me.


This error comes up if Cloudflare is unable to perform a DNS lookup themselves. Is your website’s Root/Apex DNS record a CNAME?

Pretty sure? I dont know because my host connects with Cloudflare and dns management is limited

I see; since that’s a partner setup, it’s a CNAME. The error indicated that CF was unable to figure out the actual IP address it should be going to, which is an issue with your hosting provider (/cpanel plugin?). I recommend opening a support ticket with them if possible and mention that DNS lookups are failing.

In the future, I would recommend a “full” setup through Cloudflare instead of signing up via a partner. This makes troubleshooting more straight-forward and you retain control of your DNS.

I tried doing it first before doing it with a partner but my website wouldn’t update because I had to change the dns settings for my domain for Cloudflare to work. do I just have to wait longer or is it impossible for me to update my website if the dns is connected to Cloudflare but not host?

My bad, needed to look into it further. Can you take a screenshot of the DNS tab in Cloudflare? Currently, no records are being returned at all for your domain, which generally indicates no DNS records are set up in Cloudflare itself.

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I took down the connection between my host and Cloudflare and did what you recommended, I’m doing it on separate thingies, just had to get off now I will setup the dns servers tommorow. Thank you for the help.

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