I have a Error 522

My website has an Error 522. I am not tech savvy and just need this fixed. I tried contact Cloudflare but for whatever reason, there is o way to email or chat with them. My host said it is caused by my SSL with Cloudflare and something about a firewall. My website is still down and this is not good for my work. Can someone please help? Or at least tell me how to contact Cloudflare directly? Thank you.

Afraid your host is not correct on this, a 522 is not SSL related.

Well, did you already check the link you posted?

After 9 hours with them, they keep saying it is an SSL and firewall issue. No one seems to want to help.

What about the article I mentioned?

What article? I don’t need to be doing anymore reading. I am not tech savvy. I just thought someone would fix this and no one has. I guess my website will remain down.

Sorry, I’m not sure I follow. I am out of my league with this stuff.


Thank you for that. Again, it seems complicated for me. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do?

What exactly is too complicated? Which of the mentioned steps have you tried?

Most of them. Again, I am not tech savvya nd don’t know a lot of the terminology or where to find half the stuff recommended. They mention blocking firewall and then .it etc. That is way over my head.

For starters, I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare (bottom right), check if the site loads fine on HTTPS and talk to the host, if it does not. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, it should also work on Cloudflare. If it it doesn’t I’d continue with mentioned article and discuss this with your host. The issue is that Cloudflare cannot connect, but that’s not a Cloudflare issue.

Half of the suggested quick fix ideas mentioned in the article about the 522 error say to contact your hosting provider. The reason is because a 522 error comes from your web host, not Cloudflare, so Cloudflare can’t help.

Given that your web host thinks a 522 error is an SSL error doesn’t bode well. Might I suggest changing hosting providers if they refuse to help.

Thank you, Ben. They are just ignoring me now. Seems as though I’m stuffed. Anyway, after 9 hours with them it is a little too much.

Again, the article has everything, so just follow the steps which were mentioned so far.

Thank you, Sandro. Ben told me its a host issue. So, it doesn’t really matter what the steps say if they don’t fix the issue. Also, the steps are way beyond me. I don’t know my way around the Cloudflare database as some.

Sure, it is a server issue, this is what I have been writing hours ago already. You need to talk your host or switch to another one.

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