I have a disaster

I have an attack on my site every day I activate protection I’m Under Attack But does not affect the attack continues and the site stops.
These screenshots of my site analytics/traffic.
Attack comes from T1.

This is also the response of the host.

I have been monitoring your VPS and I have noticed the issue, too. What happened was that your server was basically flooded with HTTP requests to the point that all available resources were exhausted. I have considerably increased the maximum number of possible connections in the PHP-FPM configuration, but we can not be certain if the new settings surface, because the problem has not appeared anymore since then. Your website is perfectly accessible now.

All HTTP requests came from Cloudflare so this was not an attack directed to your IP address, but to your domain. This means that Cloudflare should be able to recognize this as an possible attack and mitigate it. So if the problem reoccurs, I would recommend you to get in touch with Cloudflare support to find a solution.

As you are using Cloudflare to block DDoS attacks, you will need to ask them to protect your VPS from these attacks. Normally Cloudflare should block the attacks and they should not be forwarded to your VPS. But as we can see the bandwidth and CPU usage is increasing, which indicates the attacks are reaching your VPS.

I am sure Cloudflare would be able to filter website traffic to make sure that such heavy traffic peaks do not reach your server.

I’m surprised Under Attack isn’t slowing them down. I suggest you open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

It could just be a small amount of Tor users who have passed the challenge.

I would also go to the Firewall section of the Cloudflare Dashboard and add a Firewall Rule like the following. Unfortunately, it’ll block all Tor traffic, but this is a pretty severe case. The example shows Block, but you can try Captcha challenge as well. To add Tor to the country field, I typed in T1

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I have opened a ticket by mail two days ago and there is no reply from the support.
I’ve also added Google Captcha in my site but do not affect the attack.
I do not know what to do.

Post your ticket #

And give the “Block” a try in the Firewall Rule.


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