I have a CSP issue

Dear Cloudflare Team,

I am reaching out to report an issue I am experiencing with my website while your service is active. Currently, I have disabled the Cloudflare service as the site does not function properly when it is enabled.

The specific issue I am encountering is related to the “Invalid Form Key” error on various pages of the site, as highlighted in the following link:

(Fix Magento 2 'Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page' error – Mageplaza)

Previously, my developer resolved this issue by adding certain CSP rules to my Cloudflare account, and the problem seemed to be fixed. However, recently the issue has resurfaced, and I believe there may be a need to enable additional links or domains to ensure the proper functioning of the site.

Below are the CSP rules currently present in my Cloudflare account:

        <policy id="script-src">
                <value id="doofinder-script" type="host">https://eu1-search.doofinder.com</value>
                <value id="cdn-doofinder-script" type="host">https://cdn.doofinder.com</value>
                <value id="feedaty-script" type="host">https://widget.feedaty.com</value>
                <value id="paypal-script" type="host">https://www.sandbox.paypal.com</value>
                <value id="unsplash-script" type="host">https://images.unsplash.com</value>
                <value id="facebookconnect-script" type="host">https://connect.facebook.net</value>
                <value id="facebook-script" type="host">https://www.facebook.com</value>
                <value id="payplug-script" type="host">https://cdn.payplug.com</value>
                <value id="sibautomation-script" type="host">https://sibautomation.com</value>
                <value id="chatbot-script" type="host">https://chatbot.simplified.com</value>
                <value id="googleads-script" type="host">https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net</value>
                <value id="uxsniff-script" type="host">https://api.uxsniff.com</value>
                <value id="cookiebot-script" type="host">https://consent.cookiebot.com</value>
                <value id="consentcdn-cookiebot-script" type="host">https://consentcdn.cookiebot.com</value>
                <value id="kommunicate-scripts" type="host">https://widget.kommunicate.io</value>
                <value id="kommunicate-cdn-scripts" type="host">https://cdn.kommunicate.io</value>
                <value id="cloudflare-insights" type="host">https://static.cloudflareinsights.com</value>

I kindly request your assistance in determining which additional links or domains need to be enabled for my site to function correctly with the Cloudflare service enabled. If necessary, I am available to provide further information or collaborate with your team to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention and support.

*Previously, my developer resolved this issue by adding a cloudflare domain to CSP rules of my website.