I have a couple of sites as sub domains under my Cloudflare main domain. How can I check speed of those sites?

I have 3 sites:

I added all required records to DNS and all sites work fine. However when I go to ‘Overview’ of ‘Speed’ menu, it always shows details of ‘mydomain.com’ and doesn’t show any option so I can check speed for those 3 subdomain sites?

How can I speed test those 3 sites in Cloudflare?

Thank you.

At the Cloudflare Dashboard, there is a Speed tab which has got some feedback information about the page load time for your Website (in general).

In terms of testing a page load time for your sub-domains, I would prefer using multiple sources/tools for this process.

There is one here from Cloudflare:

I am sharing a useful one’s, big thanks to @eva2000:

One article which contain a lot of information about performing page speed and some comparasion:

I would also recommend to check Cloudflare Web Analytics, the documenation how to activate and setup can be found on the link below:

Useful article about how to test speed of a website can be read below:


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