I have a captcha coming out all the time

I have a captcha coming out all the time and it’s very boring I would like to solve this problem


Have you tried using some other Web browser, or a private window, or different device connected to some other network (like cellular / Edge / LTE, mobile data)? - even you stated different countries/browsers, etc.

How about clearing your Web browser cache? Have you tried that too?

Are you using a VPN or a TOR browser?

Kindly, can you try to catch it and post a screenshot of this captcha here? Is it captcha from Cloudflare or some other third-party app/source?

May I ask if this is happening to you when you browse your own Websites or when you visit some other?

Do you use some kind of an anti-virus program like BitDefender?

Maybe using some web browser extension/add-on?

May I also suggest below articles:

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