I have a 404 for an important new blog post

I have a 404 for a pretty new/important post. Not sure if its related, but I used the wordpress plugin copy and delete to create a new post (still draft) copying this post.

Anyways, realized yesterday that it is a 404 now (on my computer it is merging the new draft content into the live post?!).

I called my host (Bluehost) and they asked if my Cloudflare is still active. I think it is?! They said if not I should post my A record back to Bluehost. Don’t think I want to do that?


I’m not certain as to the exact issue, but to start, can you share the name of the site?

Did you change the value of your A record to point to a different IP address?

That is from the origin server, not cloudflare. Can you share a link to that new post where we can reproduce the error?

plantpoweredlivin dot com

the post is the stuffed artichoke

so i am not that tech saavy…i think A record is for email?

wondering why email would effect a new blog post?

but anyways, in looking at cloudflare there looks to be 2… not sure why.

one says proxy status proxied with Cloudflare logo so i think that is pointing to cloudflare?
the other says DNS only and it is called EZ mail no idea what that is…maybe something with my ad company?

not understanding why any of this is bothering my poor recipe

Thank you. (Super site to visit as I approach lunch!)

Can you share the link to that post, I see one artichoke article but not stuffed and no 404

Aside from the 404 is the site functioning as expected?

awe thank you!

it wont let me send you a link- it is under appetizer recipes and it is called ah-making vegan stuffed artichoke

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Sorry, you can now.

This one, https://www.plantpoweredlivin.com/ah-mazing-vegan-stuffed-artichokes/ and I can see the 404 error. If you pause cloudflare on the site does the page load properly?

how do i do that?

I was just thinking that, sorry, go here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone and in the lower right under Advanced options select Pause Cloudflare on this site

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 12.49.28 PM

not sure if i have to wait, but i just paused it and it is still showing a 404

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Yes, I see it as well. I expected that to be the case (cf does not generate 404 errors). You’re going to need to check the server to find that post. I noticed you’d indicated it’s still draft, if you publish that post does it show when cf is paused and if so, does it show when you un-pause cloudflare?

ok, not sure i am following but it was a published post for a couple months.
then i used a plug in to copy that published post so i could use its formatting for a new recipe.

i figured it out! for some reason the copy had also copied the slug ! fixed. thanks for your time!