I have 3 sites using Cloudflare that are extremely slow

Why isn’t Cloudflare caching these sites? Gtmetrix gives all 3 sites an “F”

If caching worked then the sites should appear faster.


Cloudflare doesn’t cache html by default, see

If you want to cache html you will need to create a page rule to cache everything

Would this be the best settings for fastest caching speed?

Yes that’s similar to a page rule that I have configured for a static site. Try it out

I set this up and gtmetrix still gives an F for speed

New version of GTMetrix has now switched to using Google Lighthouse v6 engine too Welcome to the new GTmetrix – powered by Lighthouse and Everything you need to know about the new GTmetrix Report (powered by Lighthouse).

I wrote a guide at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/google-page-speed-insights-and-google-core-web-vital-metrics.20735/ about what this means for Google Lighthouse v6 metric scores. Cloudflare can only help with some factors related to Google Lighthouse v6, rest depends on your site’s theme/layout as well and how it’s put together. Your decisions on what theme, layout and number of 3rd party requests/ads you place on your sites’ pages and the order of loading those assets will impact the page speed metrics measured.

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