I have 2 SPF files and need cloudflare to remove one of them

I tried to send a fax via email with eFax and they would not go through. I then called eFax and they told me faxes are not going through because I have 2 SPF files and need to remove one of them and I need to contact my domain host. I called GoDaddy for assistance and they told me to contact Cloudflare. Apparently Cloudflare has no human beings that work for the company because I spent over an hr trying to make contact with customer support and there is no way to get in touch and speak to someone and only option I can find is to have to send a message here. Anybody alive?

I was last time I checked.

What’s the domain?

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is this thread private or since its in a community all folks can read my info?

The thread is public.

The available contact methods and response time frames vary depending upon the selected Cloudflare subscription plan. Posting to the Community is often the fastest way to receive assistance.

Cloudways has a decent article that explains how to merge multiple SPF records.

You can test your SPF record with the SPF Surveyor from dmarcian.

thank you for the feedbacks thus far! So Cloudflare has no staff to do this for me? I have to figure it out on my own by reading articles? I am paying monthly premiums to have this service so I would have expected to have support to justify the costs I pay each month.

What plan are you on? If you have premium enterprise or similar then they may assist you with this but I doubt they will do it for you still. SPF records aren’t directly related to Cloudflare and you likely don’t pay for a managed service anyway.

all I know is that my domain host is Godaddy which is whom I pay each month and when I called them to remove one of the SPF records, they told me they cannot do it and I need to contact Cloudflare directly which I have never done before in all these decades.

I understand. Unfortunately, even if you are subscribed to the $200/mo Business Plan, Cloudflare cannot make changes for you.

From the Contacting Cloudflare Support page that I linked:

Cloudflare Support cannot perform the following actions:

  • Make configuration or account changes on a customer’s behalf

You can enter you domain in the SPF Surveyor tool that I linked even before you make your edits and it may offer some guidance. Without knowing all of the authorized the sources your domain uses to send mail, we can’t offer a viable replacement.

If you share the two existing records here in the community, you may get a reply with a revised version. If we knew your domain, you might have already been offered a merged revision. :wink:

Just to be clear, you can share the contents of those records without sharing your domain if you prefer. If you do share them, please use the Preformatted Text </> option to make them easier to read.

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