I have 10 CNAME records in my Cloudflare DNS

2 of which I added 2 hours ago.

However, when I go to dns-checker dot org – and check my domain’s DNS : none of the CNAMES are there… so I’m confused why not.

There are also AAAA records that are NOT in the Cloudflare DNS setup.

Where is this info coming from?


Can you share the domain and a couple of records to demonstrate the issue you see?

When you are having Proxied (:orange:) records, they will replace the IP addresses to the public with Cloudflare IP addresses, so that Cloudflare can protect and serve you.

These Proxied (:orange:) records will provide both IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) records to the public.

Thank you for the response… but AAAA records don’t exist on Cloudflare, yet are showing up on a DNS check.

Also, there is no SOA record, but DNS checker is finding one regardless?

Also, 4 of my CNAMEs are not proxied… example, the new DKIM record woudn’t save as proxied.

The domain is pagliaro.ca

That is exactly how the Proxy mode works.

It shows visitors both IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) records, and will then proxy the connection to the actual server you have in your DNS settings.

Certain DNS records such as e.g. SOA are mandatory for DNS zones.

There would be two NS records as well, matching the name servers your zone has been assigned.

Those mandatory records are technically there, but not actually shown.

Sometimes it makes more sense to keep records out of sight, than to make them create confusion (e.g. by showing them, but in a locked state).

Some records would require to be DNS only / Unproxied (:grey:).

This is especially true for records related to email traffic.

Any specific records / labels / subdomains you see it on?

Both domain there as well as it’s WWW record, seems to be providing:

  • 2606:4700::6812:d359
  • 2606:4700::6812:b932

Those IP addresses are from the Cluodflare network.

It also looks like you are pointing to a Managed WordPress (apparently “t4cynmy4fj.wpdns.site”), and that they (your provider of the WordPress installation) are using Cloudflare to serve their traffic through the Cloudflare Proxy.

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You have got the main of it… I just wanted to make sure that DKIM worked and last I checked, it diid… so I’m content to let this matter drop for now! :slight_smile:

I much appreciate your input!

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