I hate the bot system

Ths is really crazy. My DNS in there site reads the correct info but when I look at the dns on line it is pointing to an internal Cloudflare IP address not my servers.

OK… I understand something is wrong. I have waited over 24 hours for Propagation to happen so open a ticket. You get garbage back from a BOT. Call them … Nope they dont talk they just wand emails. Have worded the emails 20 different ways to get a real person to help. Nope… Just this #$#@ Bot. Not a happy client at all…

I have tried to upgrade to Pro. No luck with that … Called sales . Told me to send email to [email protected]… Guess what. Same stupid Bot telling me useless info and no fix…

Do you mean you have entered your server’s IP address on Cloudflare but when you check DNS you see a different IP?

If your domain is configured to be behind Cloudflare (an orange cloud) then this is expected behaviour:


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I will look at that as that may be the answer.

I thought Microsoft 365 support was a challenge but these guys makes me want to leave there service to say the least.

That soled part of my issues. Now I am still getting a API Request Failed error.

What a service.

Honestly, the errors you are describing are related to the management of the service. Cloudflare is not a managed service unless you are an enterprise consumer (and even then, some parts are still unmanaged).

I advise hiring somebody familiar with the service to tune CF settings as per your needs.

If you disabled CF Reverse proxying, the issue is somewhere at your setup.

Agreed, it’s bloody awesome.


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