I had moved to another hosting provider and update the Nameserver but getting many errors please help

Sir / Ma’am

I had updated new hosting and also update the settings in DNS for my website https://merowish.com

And in SSL things i had selected Full (Strict)
And getting this Error 526 while opening the website via Google search merowish

I need to add SPF, DMARC, DAKIM records to my cloudflare but unable to find how to update and from where i should get that all records please help me advice me soon.

Thank you in advance.

Install a valid SSL certificate on your server and try again.
Alternatively you can set SSL to Full and Check If it works.

You’re also redirecting HTTPS to HTTP, check and correct this first. Your host provider should be able to assist If you don’t know how to change it.

For DMARC and co

DKIM is usually generated on the mail host so you should ask your host provider too for that.

Dear sir
Thank you for your response.

I’m noob on this things using cloudflare please once guide me what to do next.

I had installed SSL from cloudflare which i turned Full from the option as suggested by you.

Now I’m not getting clear about that HTTPS to HTTP things

Because my website is loading right now while opening merowish.com it loads https://www.merowish.com but even it loads https my website has no secure icon. And I don’t want to load my website using www. Things just i only want to have https://merowish.com with secure lock things. Please help me once check my website merowish.com and guide me i will do the changes as you will advise.

For other DNS settings i had updated cloudflare DNS records all records has been added.

Please help me with HTTPS things

Waiting for your reply.


To get green lock, you need to serve everything from HTTPS. Currently, there are some resources serving from HTTP link which is causing problem. You can see in the Browser Console by press F12 key.

Enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” which you can find in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings menu.

Let me know if this help.

Anonymous Kumar sir,
Thank you for the information.

I had tried the steps mentioned by you.

Getting a small issue with homepage with homepage of merowish.com

Currently everything page is opening with ssl lock but the main homepage while opening it opens first will ssl green pad lock but it re-directs to http

For ex:

When we open Merowish.com then it first shows opening into https but it opens without green lock icon and while we navigate to other pages like about us or any pages the ssl works fine it shows green pad lock as well. Please help me how to fix this.

Waiting for your kind response and reply.

Do you have any page rules in place on your Cloudflare dashboard?

You have no mixed content. All looks good now.

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