I got this

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domain: alsaidi.co

i installed an origin certificate got from cloudflare for 15 years on my domain via cpanel
but i got this error:
i got this error on my cpanel dashboard the certificate has the following errors #2
has 2 validation errors: self_signed_cert_in_the_chain, cert_has_expired
also when i go to ssl status i got another error:
Unknown Certificate Type
An error occurred the last time AutoSSL ran, on July 23, 2023:

i tried to search alot about that but found nothing to solve it and my host providers recommended to use autossl on the server and use cloudflare in full (strict) without always use https and i will be good so i tried it and ended up having some errors like Error code 526 on autoconfig.mydomain.com and only work on http:
so i hope i found a solution here

Hi @moham3d.3li ,

Check the community tip regarding this topic:

And the solutions provided here:

Take care!

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