I got my ssl on my wordpress website but its all red

i tried installing a plugin called “really simple ssl” but here is what it says “Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button:” but on the overview “universal SSL Status Active Certificate” so how do i fix it

Which SSL setting do you have here at Cloudflare? Do you have an SSL certificate on your web server?

the ssl setting says :“flexible” and about the ssl certificate i dont know i watched a youtube turotial and tried it but it didnt work even tho i followed every steps. When i click on the “incecured” thing it says certificate invalid

Universal SSL Status in Cloudflare says" Active Certificate"

I don’t think Really Simple SSL is designed to work with Flexible SSL. Here’s a plugin that is:

I have Really Simple SSl WordPress plugin working with Flexible SSL and no issues at all…?? So should I change it am I just getting lucky?? Been working perfectly with that plugin for 6 months on 2 sites…?

Curious if I’m getting lucky then…any ideas?

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