I got high latency with cloudflare

hello, guys
there is Cloudflare Network issue, without Cloudflare i got this ping latency


I enable argo to got average latency 250+

please I need to solve this issue.

The latency usually depends mostly on the ISP and not Cloudflare. This usually varies a lot, where are located? What ISP? What is the POP that you use? There is some variation based on plan level.

Post a trace route to www.cloudflare.com.

Argo doesn’t help the latency to Cloudflare, but the latency from Cloudflare to the origin.


I’m located in Egypt .

There is a POP in Cairo, but your ISP doesn’t use it… you are going to Marseille, which considering your connection’s access latency of 30ms, is 40ms away, not that bad. Your only hope would be to contact your ISP.

I want to elaborate something … now I use Cloudflare ok

see that 2 screenshots with Cloudflare on, high TTFB

without Cloudflare. low TTFB

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