I got error 1000

Bonjour. Mon site semble connaître une erreur 1000 liée à l’IP. Mon fournisseur de d’hébergement m’a confirmé que l’erreur venait de Cloudfare et que je devais vous demander une autre adresse IP pour l’enregistrement A. Merci !

Hello. My site seems to be experiencing an IP related 1000 error. My hosting provider has confirmed that the error is coming from Cloudfare and that I need to request another IP address for the A record. Thank you!

Here’s the more info on it and how to fix the same:

The error is because your ip-address is pointing to CF ip address.

This needs to requested from your host provider.

You may not need a new IP from your host as the error is not from using your host IP, it’s from using a cf ip. Sometimes this happens when you add a site to cloudflare, the IP returned will be a cf ip. This is expected and normal and good so that your origin IP is protected. But if you move the domain (zone) to another account and the cf IP gets picked up and added as the value of the A record, you get the error. There are probably a thousand posts on this site :search: that explain that better than I just did. But, short answer is contact your hosting provider and have them verify the IP of your site and edit your A DNS record to have the value of the IP they tell you.

You can use https://securitytrails.com/dns-trails to see the historic IPs associated with your site, if you use an FTP client to update your site, you can get the IP from that tool.

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