I got an error when I add www to my DNS

Currently my site does not have www, when I added it just can not be reach. Can you somebody help me and tell me what to do?

Could you be a bit more verbose please?
Which error?
Steps taken?
Even the domain would be cool to know, If you feel comfortable to make it public.

Thanks, https://iglesiacapital.com is the link. If I add the www then it does not work. So the people that has my page told me this: need to set the A record for your non www domain so just higlesiacapital.com as well.

You need to add an A record for www as awell, if you want to use it.

Again my question:
What’s the error?

Is very generic. :confused:

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It says example: Safari can not open… or the servers IP can’t be found

Also if I take off the www and leave just the iglesiacapital.com it opens in any browser

Well, @MarkMeyer already address that very bit just one response earlier :man_shrugging:t2:

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Precisely. You need to follow through on @MarkMeyer’s comment.

Perfect, thanks

Hang on, I believe you added www.iglesiacapital.com.iglesiacapital.com instead of www.iglesiacapital.com. Remove the iglesiacapital.com part.


Great, let me see what happens

Thanks a lot, it works now

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