I got an error when I add .io domain

I try to connect my .io domain with Cloudflare in the “Enter your site” field

The error said “dealflows.io is not a registered domain” even they registered

Please help me out, If anyone had solution to fix this error,


What did the search here say on that error message?

dealflows.io is not a registered domain

Not what the error message said, but the search here.

I didn’t get you, bro,

But, here this error message came up ( I’ve attached a Screenshot )

There’s a search here, right? What did that give you?


The search here on the forum.

Oh, Let me check

That domain does not appear to be actually registered.

Well [sandro] thanks for your help man!

Then you should contact your registrar, as the registry doesn’t know about the domain either.

I have this issue too with fresh registered domains, simply wait a bit and then try again.

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