I got a strange message from Cloudflare

Notice sent from [email protected]
In the previous 7 hours.
Like around 12h I don’t have access to my Cloudflare account.
Is this message exactly from Cloudflare?
Is the notification fake?
Is my Cloudflare account unauthorized access?
Please just me thank you.

That’s a CF notification email.

Doesn’t seem to be fake. Have you requested for Cache Reserve Beta Access? That’s the confirmation email as it suggests.

You might have an another email notification! If not, No. You can also check the same by logging in & check the Audit log.

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Thanks @neiljay
When I access the log log.
I only see the current login history.
As for the previous login history, I can’t find it.
Can you just help me?
thanks a lot.

In that case, there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t find anything suspicious. Its also possible, you’ve not enabled the Audit Log. You may do so.

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