I got A DNS Problem

Hello there, I made some changes now on my DNS and as a result of my website not work. Please help me.
My website is www.otopics.com

How can I know what’s the problem?

Should I upload a screenshoot of my DNS Dashpord ?

It’s working pretty well for me, except for one mixed content issue for a .js file from seo-codes.appspot.com

Hello @sdayman , Thank you for your reply, All things was working good. The Https and green lock was appeared. But I did change in dns in clloudflare I did some wrong and unfortunately I forget about it. The website then was not work after 30 min it work but with this problem i think ! What the dns that maybe lead to this problem? how can I solve it …

@sdayman I did all Steps in the topic you sent and still have the problem?

Hi Eslamdemo,

First, to say that you have a problem is not much… At least, you have to tell us the symptoms.

Second, you also need to give us more details about whatever is related to that symptom. What are your config, what did you tried as a debug, etc.

With only your site’s name, I can tell you that Google Chrome is looping in a circle because you are trying to load scripts from an insecure link.

From what I see, your problem is clearly not DNS-related…

Hi @Heracles, Thanks for your reply I appreciate it. Did you read my above comment? I described what happened already there. So, please read my comment and if you have a solution let me know.

Ok ; so not working

““This problem”” ; not much more details… Are you referring to the script @sdayman mentioned or to your ““problem”” that we still don’t know ?

Again, not much more details here…

So about that script, there is not much more we can tell you for now.

If you are that happy with the kind of community support and consider what you posted as a description of your problem, you should not be in charge of a website…

A-It is impossible to provide remote support to the one who does not understand his own words… You only talked about ““a problem”” and nothing else.
B-Two people told you about a script that was not loading, including me who told you why it was not loading.
C-Even if you do not know what to talk about, I asked you questions like what debug you tried and the description of the symptoms and you did not answered with anything useful. Worst, you even blamed me for not reading what in fact is something you did not wrote.

So do not expect more from community support…

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@Heracles , Thanks for your reply again. The website is working now so the problem sure will be that script or SSL problem. You want me to tell you about the DNS changes that I made in Cloudflare. I already told above that unfortunately, I didn’t remember that well I was only trying to add a Cname to verify that I own that website on clickfunnels web that is what I’m sure about others changes. I said I tried the methods on that topic who @sdayman attached. Most of it was already done before As I said the problem wasn’t noticed until that DNS problem yesterday. This script I changed HTTP to HTTPS and not solved too. So I’m asking about a soution. Hope things are clear now.

I removed the script and the problem was solved.

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