I got 403 error when file uploads

please check this url. https://privatezion.com/index.php/
when I upload file… then got 403 error.

You should add a page rule for that URL and set it to “disable security” (assuming you are making sure your server software is up-to-date, as this will bypass WAF). If this is an admin-only upload box, you could instead just whitelist your IP address.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Let me check. Could you kindly let me know how can I disable this url at cloud flare dashboard? Thanks again.

Page Rules: Set it to match that File Upload Box URL. Then add a setting to Bypass Security.

Thanks. let me try now.

Hi. sir. Are there any file upload size limit at cloud flare?



  • 100MB Free
  • 100MB Pro
  • 200MB Business
  • 500MB Enterprise by default

But, if you use a streaming upload or chunked upload CF won’t directly limit that beyond a 100 second timeout if the upload takes too long.

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Thanks sir

Thanks sir. BTW can I control this via configuration of page rule?

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