I get too many captchas on Cloudflare pages

Hello, I am here to comment on an issue that really has me a little worried. Since last Friday I’m having too many captchas than usual in pages affiliated to Cloudflare. And not only from my computer, also from my cell phone. I tried connecting through another network, and yes, from there I didn’t get captchas. I think it definitely has to do with my ip, I have seen different blacklists and I am only listed in 3, RATS NoPtr, SORBS DUHL and Spamhaus ZEN by PBL. I’ve even thought about changing my IP, since it’s dynamic, but I don’t quite understand how. I hope you can help me, thank you very much in advance.

You can often change your dynamic IP address by turning your router off for a while (overnight might be easiest) and back on so it can reacquire a new one.

Did you also check Inspect an IP | Project Honey Pot

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