I get "policy:error" in google ads."Non-functional links"

I get “policy:error” in google ads.
For security reasons, access outside Japan was blocked.
I get this error no matter how many times I try.

What is the cause?
What should I do?

(cf.client.bot and ip.geoip.country eq “US”):1
(ip.geoip.country ne “JP”):2


Ads cannot be placed because they violate the following policy:
Non-functional links
You cannot crawl landing pages on iOS devices.
HTTP error: 503
Last page URL: https://・・・・
Extended URL: https://・・・・
Last confirmed date: June 8, 2022 2:00


You do not specify what action you have on these two rules, but you can collapse them into one rule with the desired result.

ip.geoip.country ne "jp" and not cf.geoip.bot

This says to block all access from outside Japan except for Verified Bots (verified bots includes Google, Bing etc.)

Thank you.
If the order of Firewall rules in WAF (Web Application Firewall) is number 1 and number 2, doesn’t it mean the same thing?

1:(cf.client.bot and ip.geoip.country eq “US”)
2:(ip.geoip.country ne “JP”)

Should I separate them?

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