I get error message Ip address not found, err_name_not_resolved

I get error message Ip address not found, err_name_not_resolved

This records I have setup
And Cloudflare configuration on my hosting

Can anybody help me please :pray:


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your domain name while using Cloudflare service.

I would love to :slight_smile:

Kindly, may I ask you to edit your post and mask/hide (redact) the IP address on the screenshot due to privacy reasons.

Kindly, apply the needed changes by following below steps:

  1. Remove CNAME mail record
  2. Add new A mail record with the content of the IP address and make sure it’s set to :grey: (DNS-only)
  3. Remove A localhost record
  4. Remove CNAME www record
  5. Add new A www record with the content of the IP address and make sure it’s set to :orange:
  6. Edit A cpanel, A cpcontacts, A cpcalendars, A ftp, A webdisk, A webmail, A whm and make sure all of them are set to :grey: (DNS-only)
  7. Edit MX bigthinkrs.com and make sure content value is mail.bigthinkrs.com (priority 10)

I do not get this message, rather “index” of your files → seems to me like you are missing an index.html or index.php file under your root directory “public_html”?

  • or you need to move all the files from “wp” directory to the upper one “public_html”
  • or you have to configure your .htaccess file to use “wp” directory as a start point

Thanks, how do I edit the post, to remove the image?

Thank you for asking.
Kindly, find and click on a :pencil2: “pencil” icon to Edit your post.
Remove image and upload a new one with masked/hidden IP address.

Should looke like below:

I made the changes, now it looks like this on my cpanel’s Cloudflare configuration

Do I have to wait some time before it works fine?

I think it worked, thanks so much, I deleted the wordpress installation from the www/wp/

And re installed it on /

Thanks so much for your help

Can I follow you on Twitter or Instagram?

I have an issue with mobile data I can access in brave browser fine, not using Chrome

But with mi ISP, I get error message


Domains seems fine so far so good (using below tool):

Cloudflare Diagnostic center is ok (except DNSSEC - but it’s not needed currently, ignore this for now):

May I ask if you are using or / or any other custom DNS servers?

Or maybe using the Web browser in private (Window) mode / Incognito?

I removed the site from Cloudflare and added it again with default values, my hosting said to wait 24 hours for DNS system update or something like that…

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