I get cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi added to the URL, site isn't working


I have changed the NS in 123-reg to the Cloudflare NS’s and waited 24 hours but when I try and go to my website it loads the page with /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi onto the end of the URL with a ‘Sorry!..’ page is displayed. I am really not sure what I am doing wrong or where I need to look to fix the issue, I would really appreciate some guidance!

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This doesn’t look like a Cloudflare problem. Cloudflare doesn’t do anything on the /cgi-sys path so this is likely an issue with your webserver.

This sounds like a misconfiguration on the server host’s end. Have you kept the same DNS records (CNAME or A or AAAA) when moving from 123-reg to Cloudflare?

Alright. So the 2 A records look fine, as do the MX.

Could you make sure you also see those two A records (and they have the same Destination) in the Cloudflare dashboard, under the DNS tab?

Indeed, the www ones and the subdomains look fine.

I don’t see one for @ (the apex, no subdomain), could you try adding it? The Name needs to be @ and the Content needs to be that IP address.

Also, you might want to remove those screenshots… it’s usually not a good idea to expose your origin IP.

If you still have issues after adding that @ record I’d reach out to your web host, it’s likely a problem with them, not Cloudflare.

It wouldn’t let me add one with @ as it states it already exists with the URL already added. I will get in touch with the host and see if they can resolve the issue, I’ll delete the screenshots, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I’ve managed to get the site working if I switch ‘always use HTTPS’ in Cloudflare and specify HTTP:// in the database for the URL. As soon as I change it to HTTPS it redirects to the cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page. Is there a way of forcing it to show the site as HTTPS?

It sounds as though your server is not properly configured to serve your site over HTTPS. You should pause Cloudflare and get your site working as you want directly on your server and then re-enable it. Just make sure that the SSL/TLS mode is Full (Strict) when you do.

Alternatively you can leave Cloudflare on but use a Cloudflare Origin certificate on your server.

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I’ve managed to get the site working with a flexible SSL option and an HTTP plugin for WordPress. Thanks for your reply.

You should read these then.

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thank you for the info, I’ll look to use the full mode.

Full is still insecure