I get an SSL error on a subdomain of a subdomain on all browsers

I am using Mailgun and I receive this error (ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH) when user tries to unsubscribe. An example of a link is here:

I have uploaded my own Wildcard SSL certificate on Cloudflare and added rules to turn the SSL on the subdomain as shown below:

I have also set up the CNAME as shown below:

But nothing works. I have tried on multiple browsers to make sure the DNS wasn’t cached.

Does anybody have any clues why it is not working? I don’t my users to report me as spam.

Does your wildcard certificate cover *.*.example.com? Most wildcard certs only cover the first level subdomains.

If you’ve enabled Always Use HTTPS in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates, Cloudflare will redirect to HTTPS before Page Rules kick in.

You were right, my SSL was only covering one level subdomain. I turned off Always use HTTPs and it worked instantly.
Thanks a lot for your quick response,

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