I get 403 and 404 errors on my website

Hello! I’m new to Cloudflare and need help with this. As soon as I added my website to Cloudflare today, it started displaying 403 error for the main page and 404 errors for the rest of the pages. The website is on WordPress. How can I fix this?


Hi! The same 403 error is still occuring. More then 48 hours left since swithing to Cloudflare Name Servers.


Go to Cloudflare Dashboard > SSL/TLS and set your mode to Full (Strict). Then purge your Cloudflare cache.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, try installing the plugin Really Simple SSL. Purge both origin and Cloudflare cache.


Thanks for your response. The first option didn’t work. As to the second: I can’t even install the plugin since all the pages are 403/404 errored now. I mean I can’t get into admin area as well.

I’m sorry it didn’t work, but setting SSL to Full (Strict) is a needed step anyway.

You may want to try to pause Cloudflare, reset your permalinks (save it), then un-pause.

Source: Solution: Wordpress 404 errors except the front page and admin

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