I generated a Certificate of Origin Server on CLoudflare

My problem is as follows, I installed the icecast on a Windows Server 2016 server.

I pointed my domain to my ip and so far everything working via http, but I would need to access via https …

According to icecast, I have to create a .pem file in the specified location. That done I have to add:

The certificate file needs to contain both public and private part

I did this whole process, released port 8443 on my server, and added the information in the .pem file I created. However, when access nothing happens.

I am not 100% if icecast can work with HTTPS, possibly depending on the configuration.

Furthermore, port 8443 is compatible as listed below:

May I ask if any error appears or?

Regarding Cloudflare and streaming (audio), kindly check this topic too and just keep in mind:

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