I found one big problem with security can you please explain more

i can add absolutely any website domain to the cloudflare, cloudflare search existing dns records and show me any all dns records from any website,

before i was think that cloudfare hiding ip adress website , but now it dont andestend how fully hiding my ip if i what it

Cloudflare is just guessing at hostnames in public DNS records when it scans a new site. This isn’t a security hole. This is how DNS works.

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just guessing >>>?? i add my website from cloudflare to another cloudflare account and its show me all dns records,

how can i get this information without this function by cloudflare ?

Hi @gktdark,

If you add a website on Cloudflare to another Cloudflare account, the DNS records it copies across will not point to your origin server unless they were :grey: on the original account. They will generally import records pointing to Cloudflare’s IPs.

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You can go to your webhost and look at your original DNS records there. Many hosts will let you export your DNS records so you’ll have a list.

sorry everything is ok

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