I find some "wierd" things in /BR/ version of CF's site

I was checking the Cloudflare’s website in portuguese-br language and I find two things that can be changed, there is:

  1. Missing “30 seconds” translation to portuguese in a image.
    Img link: https://www.cloudflare.com/img/br/dns-callout-pr-30sec-outlined.svg
    Correction: 30 segundos

  2. Same simple descriptions for FREE and PRO plans which made visitors confused wheres the difference without click in “learn more”. The FREE simple description should be like:
    “Para sites profissionais, blogs e portfólios e qualquer um que deseja experimentar a Cloudflare” (this is the translation of US version text, without the “requiring basic security […]” which is only on PRO simple description on Cloudflare DNS | Authoritative and Secondary DNS)

Isn’t a huge difference but why not correct this? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass it along to our localization folks.

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@ryan they already fixed, now I finded another missing text in the same page. Here is:
Missing “Aprenda mais” on enterprise plan, the text already have on the page Segurança de Redes | Ataques DDoS (#moredetails).

Tip: I recommend to change “aprenda mais” to “Saiba mais”, sounds better in pt-br and its the right translation for the expression “learn” :slight_smile:

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