I don't want use Cloudflare nameservers

I don’t want use Cloudflare nameservers. When i change nameservers to default of supplier, i can continue use ssl of cloudflare?


  1. You need to use the nameservers, unless you are on a Business plan with a CNAME setup.
  2. You do have an SSL certificate on your server, right? Why would you mention then “use SSL of Cloudflare”?
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Thank for reply!
I’m using ssl, firewall of cloudflare (free plan), but i think Cloudflare nameservers cause slow down my website. I want user default nameservers of my supplier. I don’t know my website on cloudflare work normal? Sorry for my English an i’m newbie.

Do you have an SSL certificate on your server? That’s the important part.

As far as the nameservers are concerned, they cannot make anything slower, so you should be fine here. What’s the domain?

I don’t have ssl certificate on my server. You can answer my question “i can remove Cloudflare nameservers and keep domain active on cloudflare?”
Thank you!

I answered both in my very first response. No, you cannot remove the nameservers and yes, you do need a certificate on your server. Configure a proper certificate on your server and set the encryption mode to “Full strict”. Currently you have no encryption.

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