I don't want to use CF caching for one of my websites. How can I make it?

I don’t want to use CF cashing for one of my websites. How can I do this?

We created a plugin for Wordpress that make our website ridiculously fast, nearly instant response and FCP. But unfortunatelly, CF cash ruins this.

This is a lighthouse results WITH Cloudflare - http://joxi.ru/E2pDZP0CvlDxj2?d=1
And this is a lighthouse results WITHOUT Cloudflare - http://joxi.ru/VrwDxPLCo1DXOm?d=1

The difference is just pushed button “Development mode” in CF.

The problem is this more is temporarily, and it turns off in several hours automatically.

How can I turn CF caching permanently, but keep using all other CF features?

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This Cloudflare #tutorial on page rules might help. You can use a page rule to disable caching. Configure it to match all pages on your site if you want to disable all caching.

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