I don't want Cloudflare involved with my Email!

I’m new to the service - just started this week and threw a couple of domains on Cloudflare to see if it would help. So far the answer is mixed. It dramatically helped a domain where the site was pretty image-intense. A domain where there was a nice video sequence in the site “Hero Section” saw less benefit and a BIG drawback.

When Cloudflare kicked in - the ability to send emails on that domain stopped cold.

I use a third-party sending service (AuthSMTP) to help validate that my messages are “legit” and so I don’t have to fight with every little ISP who has an over-eager tech weenie that wants to block my domain or IP. I want (NEED) to keep that service, not to send and receive emails through Cloudflare.

So how do I get the benefit of the cool DNS network here without messing with my email sending ability?

Thanks in advance for any help / good guidance you can offer!


Cloudflare has no service offering that involves sending emails. As long as you don’t configure Cloudflare’s Email Routing service, Cloudflare won’t be handling any of your inbound email either. Using Cloudflare should have no effect on the third party email service that you are using.

We can’t check, since you didn’t post a domain name. But it’s probably due to proxied DNS record(s):

Please help me understand how you would NOT be affecting my outbound email.

If I change my nameservers to Cloudflare’s settings, and there are no MX records, no SPF, no DKIM or DMARC records at Cloudflare that would acknowledge that emails from my domain need to go through AuthSMTP, how could they ever get through to the end user?

Perhaps I did not ask the question well … I’ll try again.

*I have disconnected Cloudflare from my domain from Cloudflare due to issues with email handling. *

  • When I try to reconnect Cloudflare to handle my domain again in the future, what do I need to do to ensure that Cloudflare has nothing at all to do with email … that it only handles website requests?*

Thank you!

When you change nameservers, you need to migrate your zone data. Cloudflare helps start that process by scanning your existing nameservers for common records. Prior to updating your settings at your registrar you need to validate your zone contents. You still need to publish the same DNS records that your email requires, but that nothing specific to Cloudflare. You will need to do that wherever you host your DNS.

The #tutorial that @sdayman shared has more details on settings pertaining to receiving email. Any values required by your third-party service should be provided to you in their documentation.

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