I don't understand the two Whys

I have read all the docs and FAQs but I still have two questions.

  1. Why is Cloudflare doing this? What does Cloudflare get out of zero markup regs? I feel apprehensive because a while ago a CF Pro account was $5. It was raised to $20.
  2. What makes it attractive for us to move from another registrar? Aside from saving $8/y on a .com.
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Since I don’t work for Cloudflare, so I can only speculate.

  1. To get more customers.
  2. There’s also the privacy aspect of free WHOIS protection.
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Isn’t that option free everywhere? Its free at Hover.

No, not free everywhere. Most registrars still charge (and sometimes a lot) for Whois privacy. You can quickly scan them on domcomp.com (the ones who offer free Whois privacy have a shield icon next to the price)


I personally did not find it attractive. I use Namesilo.com, which offers Whois Privavy, DNSSEC, two-factor authenication, and have better prices than CF.

But I think I would prefer using a large operation like CF or Google if I were an agency dealing with many websites on behalf of clients. It would make me sleep better at night. In that case, as things stand, CF would be a much better choice than Google Domains, price wise.

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I want to say, clearly you haven’t used Google Domains before. I had a couple hundred domains with Google Domains, but have been transferring them away.

The control panel interface was decent, and the prices (while not the least expensive) were okay. But if you’re going to manage “many” websites on that platform, you’ll find it extremely time-consuming due to lack of proper bulk domain controls (at least as of the time of this message). I have made suggestions, recommendations, complaints, hints (whatever you want to call them) to no avail.

I’m not sure if Cloudflare will incorporate bulk domain controls, but when you have more than just a handful of domains, you kinda need that. For now (for me), the price is definitely right (with the exception of .io domains)–although I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cloudflare will implement bulk domain controls. Bulk domain controls at registrars like Namesilo, Epik, Uniregistry, Namecheap, Porkbun, Dynadot, Internet.bs, ToughDomains and several others are indispensable when your domain count reaches the hundreds, thousands and beyond.


really it’s not groundbreaking. I have around 7 websites and I use hostingraja as my website hosting provider they offer low-cost cPanel, which is very important nowadays, the price is better than Cloudflare that is for sure.

But Cloudflare is having little bit good interface more user-friendly than my service provider. Also, they are faster there are few websites which is ranking good in google because of fact and maybe some other reason at the end I can say after all Cloudflare also good

I guess technically nothing prevents us from upping the price if we wanted to change the ToS. But unlike changing the price of the Pro plan (for which we grandfathered existing domains) there’s nothing that prevents you from transferring domains away either.

As much as we might like to revolutionize domain registration, there’s not really anything we can add to that process because it is highly regulated. At the moment our UI is less robust than others, has fewer cool features and we don’t offer features like email forwarding… And in some cases on certain TLDs we are more expensive than competitor X.

I guess the reason to choose Cloudflare as a registrar goes back to Matthew’s announcement. We’re doing it at cost, not a profit center. So we’re trying to meet the needs of the customers (at the moment adding critical features and TLDs) to provide a no frills registrar service that doesn’t play games.

But if you have a cool suggestion for what we could offer as a domain registrar to make it more attractive… let us know. @SamRhea might just build it for you. :smiley: