I don't understand, I cannot change Nameservers in Free plan?

Hello community.

What does it mean to change the Nameservers? I don’t understand.

For example, I want to buy domains here in Cloudflare, but my hosting I would buy it from another company, for example, Hostinger.

What is a Nameserver for? for what reason should I change the Nameserver? I have seen that I cannot change the Nameserver on the Free plan https://community.cloudflare.com/t/cant-change-domain-ns/587250

Does it mean that in my case (Free plan) it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy the domains here at Cloudflare?


The name servers your domain has been delegated to, will be responsible for responding to DNS queries for your domain.

DNS queries works by translating human-readable names like e.g. example.com to an IP address like 2001:db8::80 or for you, so that your computer can find out where to send the requests for your website (or other traffic) to.

When you use Cloudflare as the registrar for your domain names, the name servers (and DNS) will, according to the terms, always be with Cloudflare.

Most hosting providers will give you some AAAA, A or CNAME record(s) that you need to add to your DNS configuration, so that the traffic will be steered towards their servers.

No, not really.

You just need to configure the relevant record(s), as instructed by your hosting provider (e.g. Hostinger, according to your example), through your Cloudflare Dashboard.


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