I don't like the cloudflare performance on my site

Hey guyz,
I recently activated Cloudflare on my new WordPress site, instead I noticed a drop down in my website load speed. This has drastically damaged my seo. I no longer rank on google. Please I want to be sure that Cloudflare is trusted before I move over to the premium plans.
My website is http://www.realbaze.com

You can checkout to see what am complaining about.

Please don’t check if you don’t have any suggestions

I suggest that next time you want help, try not to discourage people from helping. If you’d like some ideas, read on:

Go to tools.pingdom.com and then look at the waterfall view to see which resources are loading quickly or slowly. Sometimes you can add page rules for better caching, or eliminate third party assets that are slowing your site down.


I checked your site and Cloudflare isn’t the source of your sites poor performance. The sketchy WordPress template, and 404’s and oversized images are the site’s issue.


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